Cutting the 3×6 Subway Tiles

If you are looking for a great kitchen design idea or bathroom idea, Subway Glass Tiles are a great choice.  They are a classic shape but the look is updated with a glass finish keeping your home interior current without over doing it.   Below is an example of  Ocean Grey 3×6 being used for a kitchen tile backsplash.

Ocean Grey 3x6 Kitchen Backsplash

Ocean Grey 3x6 Kitchen Backsplash

One of the great things about the 3×6 subway glass tiles is that they are 8mm thick which adds a lot of depth to the glass and in turn your  glass tile installation.  However the thickness of the subway glass tiles can be tricky when it comes to cutting them.   We get calls from time to time about either the glass or the polyurethane back chipping when the subway tile is being cut to fit odd spaces.  But there are some really easy steps to take to ensure you get a clean easy cut for your wall tile installation.

To start you will need a wet saw with a diamond blade.  Make sure to use a brand new blade for the best results.  On the cutting board lay the subway tile face down with the white polyurethane backing face up.  Cut half way through the depth of the tile and then flip the subway tile over (glass side face up) and finish cutting all the way through.

Following these tips will minimize the amount of chipping on both the glass and the backing.  While not all chipping is preventable when cutting any glass tile this really helps!

For more detailed information on installation visit our installation guide on The Glass Mosaic Outlet.

Installation Guidelines

About Glass also has a great picture essay on the process.

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