Irridium Glass Tiles

The Irridium Glass Tiles are on sale for $10.00 a square foot with free shipping.  Typically $15.00 a square foot you are getting a 35% discount!  Check out a couple of our design ideas for the Irridium Glass Tile Collection.

Irridium 1x1 Design Ideas

Irridium 1x1 Design Ideas

Irridium 1x4 Design Ideas

Irridium 1x4 Design Ideas

Here the  Irridium glass tiles have been matched with Limestone Olive Porcelain Tile.  To see what these tiles could add to your project you can order a sample below.

(The link to order a sample is in the bottom right hand corner of the product pages.)

Irridium 1×1 Glass Tile

Irridium 1×4 Glass Tile

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