Grout Color – Oyster Gray from Custom Building Products

Customers are always asking us what color grout to use with our various products.  While grout color is subject to personal taste and depends on your particular installation there is one grout color that has really stood out as a great option for quite a few of our tiles.

Oyster Gray is a versatile grout color from Custom Building Products.  To create a seamless look in our showroom Oyster Gray was chosen for its ability to blend with the tiles for a clean modern look.

Oyster Grey Grout
Oyster Grey Grout Custom Building Products

Here it is used with the Pacifica, Ocean Mix, and Ferroker Alumino (from top to bottom).  It also works well with the Sage Green.

Do you have a great grout color/tile combination?  Please share!  We would love to know what it is!

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