Pebble Tile Concept Boards

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block for the burgeoning designer is picking out various products or finishes.  Beyond trying to figure out colors that go well together is the challenge of pairing tiles with cabinetry, counter tops and flooring. The hard part is not just in the pairing, it is also in the picking from so many different sources.  Sure you may get sample X to go with paint swatch B but only to find that neither really goes with your existing counter top or cabinets. So its back for more swatches and back to the tile store to see if you can get it sorted and on it goes until you hopefully get it right.

Color Swatches

It would be great to say there is an easy fix to this conundrum but truthfully it is more an exercise in patience and persistency which is easier said than done. And that is not said lightly because on too many occasions we receive installations photos from homeowners beaming with pride at their accomplishments, made with the absolute best of intents, but sadly their efforts missed the mark. Considering people’s homes are by far their biggest investment, there is no room to miss the mark or time to be quick and loose with our decisions.

Bottom line is that if you do some interior designing or remodeling to your home, it is best to get it right or put the idea on the shelf till your ready to commit with the proper time and resources. The end result, if it is done right, is an emotionally jubilant you as you come through the door and “ohs and ahs” from guest at your stunning place.  If you are putting your house or condo on the market, then that glowing emotional connection to your design is the difference from sold to the never ending listing.

All that being said, we have several valuable resources to help us, help you, help yourself. The first is concept boards which pair a variety of materials together and help your decision making process go a little more smoothly by eliminating the guess work and minimize the back and forth of trying to get different tiles and finishes that accentuate each other.

Cobblestone - FerrokerCaldera

Cobblestone - Ferroker Caldera

StandingRiverRock - FerrokerAlumino

Standing River Rock - Ferroker Alumino

SkippingStone - Coco 3x6 - LimestoneGrey

Skipping Stone - Coco 3x6 - Limestone Grey

Another help is our expert in the process of pairing and color, Ana.  Ana created the concept boards with her incredible sense of color and materials and can use her interior design skills to help you through the process of determining what products will go best with the paint, cabinetry, counters, and floors. And finally samples which are the best way for you to know with greater certainty if what you see in your design vision is truly a fit.

Great interior design knocks your socks off and is worth every penny of investment you put in it. So take your time, choose wisely and take advantage of knowledgeable resources to help make your time and the effort more than worth it.

Caymen Glass Tile Kitchen Install

Caymen Glass Tile Kitchen Install

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