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You have probably heard us say a million times before that concept boards are a perfect way to get ideas for your projects.  They really are great guidelines for your remodel but are in no way the only way to combine products together.  Put something in, take something out, you might actually end nowhere near where you started!  But exactly where you want to be.  Here are a couple of my favorite boards here at Design For Less and an alternate I might use.

Cool Neutral Concept Board

Cool Neutral Concept Board

I love the simple cool neutral colors of this concept board.  It is not just one of my favorites it is my favorite.  The shades of black, grey, and touches of white create an elegant and sophisticated look.   And to top it off is the combination of unique textures which elevates the visual interest.  There are the rough angular shapes of the rocks, the luxurious and organic feeling of the leather, and the smooth and soft porcelain.

If I was using this in a kitchen I would do the Cement Black Porcelain on the floor, Grey Marble for the backsplash, and the Leather on a feature wall.  If I was looking for a little more color/pop but still in the cool neutrals, I might use a glass tile like Ocean Grey 1×2 for the backsplash.

Leather and Stainless Steel Concept Board

Leather and Stainless Steel Concept Board

While I love cool neutrals I also love contrast.  My favorite part about this concept board is the leather tile next to the Stainless Steel.  Both relatively new materials for tile they look amazing together.  Not to mention they are both manufactured using recycled materials (see our post on eco-friendly tiles here).  The contrast of the metal next to smooth leather is unbelievable.  And the travertine is the perfect complement in this arrangement to add just the right amount of comfort and warmth to the pallet.

If I was going to use this for a kitchen I would use pretty much the same layout as the other board.  Stainless Steel for the backsplash, travertine on the floor, and leather as a feature wall probably opposite the kitchen.  But on this one I would run a border of the Stainless Steel through the middle of the leather wall to bring it all together.  If I wanted to stay more modern I might change the travertine to Block Wenge Porcelain.  A little darker but has a great contrast with the tan leather.

The options are endless and sometimes all you need is start.

Concept Boards Product Guide
Concept Boards Product Guide


Stoney Grey, Nocturno, Cement Black

Honey, Stainless Steel, Smokey Mountain – please call for purchasing information

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