Sealing the Ipe Deck Tiles

It was great to finally be able to let all the contest winners know that they won last week.  Everyone was thrilled and ready to get started on their next projects.  When the owner of that beautiful Ipe Deck got back to me she sent me a picture of her newly sealed deck and I had to share.  They said they had sealed the deck tiles and were loving it even more.  “Wishing summer never ended…”

Here is what the tile looked like before it was sealed.

Deck Tile Floor

Deck Tile Floor

The tiles look great natural like this but all hard woods will silver over time if you do not seal them.  Which means that these warm tones will start to fade and grey a little.  Some people choose not to seal the tile and let them take their natural course.  But if you want to make sure you retain those warm tones or enhance them you are going to want to seal the tiles.

This is what the tiles look like after they were sealed.

Sealed Ipe Deck Tiles

Sealed Ipe Deck Tiles

As you can see they have richer color and look much more finished.  Now it won’t stay this way forever and you will need to reseal depending on your climate and the look you want to achieve.  As a general recommendation you should reseal every year with Cabot Stain Australian Timber Oil.  Others that we have had good results with are Messmers Exotic Hardwood sealer and Penofin hardwood sealer (brown can) these color tints add UV protection to the wood and make the sealer last longer.  You can read about more deck tile maintenance here.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Looks great. I have never used the Cabots finish, but have recently been turned onto ipe oil.

  2. Thanks For Sharing This Wisdom. I find it beneficial and it adds to my awareness, Thanks again for giving this info, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Nice and simple.

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