The Montage Series

We have more new glass tiles at Design For Less,  which is always exciting!  This time we have added the stunning and economical Montage Series.  They are similar to our Aventuri glass tile collection but with much more tonal variation and ton of new color options.

A great little fact about the Montage glass tiles is that each sheet is a bit over one square foot.  So while you are paying a square foot price you are actually getting more tile than you are paying for.  Also each tile is made with 100% recycled content so you can feel good about your tile choice.  You are getting a green tile without the high price.  How’s that for a deal?

One of my favorites is Summer which would look great with our Ocean Grey 3×6 Subway as a beautiful bathroom tile design.  And the Summer glass tile is only $8.00/piece…

Another great pick is the Sahara from the Montage Series.  A great combination of tan and beige tones it goes great with our Java pebble tile.  This would be great in a bathroom design as well or even better as a kitchen tile.

Sahara Glass Tile and Java Pebble Tile

The options are endless!  Check out the Montage Series and see what else you could match it with!

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