Modern Organic

Modern Organic

The Modern Organic concept board mixes organic textured accent tiles with sleek and modern porcelain.  Starting at the top, the Olive Buffalo leather tile is made of recycled leather scraps and uses natural materials like Acacia Wood Bark and rubber to mix the materials together creating a beautiful and “green” leather tile.  These tiles can be used on the wall or floor and they come with a sticky backing making them amazingly easy to install.  Just remember to open the boxes when you receive the tiles and let the leather acclimate to the local climate for at least 24 hours.  Read more about the leather tiles here.

The next material, Standing River Rock has major sculptural appeal.  The Standing Pebble Tiles are the regular pebble tiles cut in half and mounted on the cut edge to create a 3 dimensional look.  Each tile is 4″x12″ which means you need 3 to make a square foot.  These tiles are extremely popular in commercial installations but also look great in small showers or fireplaces.

Lastly is the Ferroker Alumino porcelain.  This tile completes the look by providing a sleek flooring.  But it keeps the organic feel with an oxidized finish.  This tile can be used on the floor or the wall.  To create a seamless flooring use the smallest grout line possible with Oyster Grey grout color from Custom Building Product, it matches perfectly!  It is modern, sleek, and will have everyone clamoring over your design.

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