Eco Friendly Countertops!

If you are thinking of changing your kitchen countertops, you might consider going green. Green materials honor the Earth and leave a lighter imprint they also acknowledge that the earth is a living organism with finite resources and must be protected and honored as such. The benefit of going green in your kitchen? When you look at these lovely counter tops you will be reminded that your decision to use these products made a positive impact on our environment. With so many eco friendly choices available, what are the best options? Here’s a list of some of the best eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen countertops currently on the market.


PROS: One of the most sought after eco friendly brands. Ice Stone has earned multiple awards for their commitment to mother nature, including a Cradle to Cradle Gold. Popular for their amazing color range (21 colors!) and unique names like “Purple Haze”.

CONS: Ice Stone is porous, so watch out! This countertop has to be sealed at least twice a year.

PRICE: $49 – $64 Sq Ft / $115 per Sq Ft (installed)



PROS: Greenguard certified. Nonporous surface. Lifetime warranty to all residential customers.

CONS: Some colors contain more recycled content than others, some can be as low as 15% and go as high as 40%.

PRICE: $12 – $18 Sq Ft / $65 per Sq Ft (installed)

CaesarStone Recycled


PROS: Composed on 75% postindustrial / postconsumer materials. Greenguard certified, Cradle to Cradle Silver. Non porous, low maintenance. Does not need to be sealed!

CONS: Color selection isn’t too varied, it is available in very neutral colors: greys, tans, whites and blacks.

PRICE: $68 – $118 Sq Ft

Eco by Cosentino


PROS: 100% postconsumer paper fused with petroleum free resin (derived from cashew liquids). Very easy to work with, some savvy DIYers have even installed the surface themselves!

CONS: Bleach will be your worst enemy! If you happen to drop a little bit, it will leave a ghostlike impression on the surface.

PRICE: $24 Sq Ft / $75 – $90 Sq Ft (installed)


Bio Glass

PROS: 100% recycled glass. Each shade represents a single waste stream, flat glass, water bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles. Does not need to be sealed! It is so beautiful, unlike anything you have ever seen!

CONS: Not very cheap, you are looking at $100 per sq ft just for the material!

PRICE: $90 – $ 100 Sq Ft (materials only)


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