Glass Subway Tile Brightens a Bathroom

One of the most important rooms in your house is your master bath. You start your day here and you end it here.   So when it comes to deploying your hard earned dollars on giving your bath an update, spend wisely and the investment will pay off handsomely both emotionally and financially if you go to sell your home later on or if it is a rental property.

So first, don’t be afraid of being a little masculine. It is actually more soothing. Second, is if it doesn’t have a ton of natural light ( most don’t) use a glass subway tile in your bathroom to brighten it up.  This versatile product is one of the most popular bathroom products. Subway Glass tile has been used in bathrooms in many ways and the reason it is so popular is it has a reflective component giving it a ton of dimension.

One popular way to use subway tile in a bathroom is in the shower, on the walls, as a backsplash for counters, and even behind and around the toilet.  There are two popular types of  Subway tile that are typically used in the bathroom, glass and ceramic.  While glass is more modern and reflects the colors around it, ceramic is more classic and generally cheaper as well but also prone to scratching and frankly can look cheap so be careful or you could spend a chunk of money on an install that looks like a track home.   Still both are great options for a bathroom and if you are clever and on a budget, you can dress up a basic ceramic subways with glass eye liners and backsplashes.

The Glass Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash:

Our most popular Subway tile for bathrooms  is our glass ubway tile.  It is a huge trend in bathrooms and looks amazing in almost any space. Our most popular colors for glass subway tile in bathrooms are Blanco ( a true bright white),  Sage Green ( like the images above), and  Ocean Gray.  Glass subway tiles are great for bathrooms because they reflects the light and surrounding colors so it will brighten up and modernize any bathroom space. A subway glass tile bathroom backsplash will brighten up your sink and bring a modern feel to any bathroom. Subway tile bathroom tiles can be used to cozy up a bathroom by using warmer colors like our champagne toast with its warm earthy tones.  If you like a beachy feel effect use something like sage green or ocean gray which are very harmonious with ocean pallets.

Ceramic subway tile  is in many ways truly passe yet was very popular in the 20’s.  Its appeal is it is cheap and so people who restore homes love to use ceramic tile to restore bathrooms. If you are going that route  use a big box store as they have the lowest prices. Quality is an issue so buyer beware when you choose it for use as a primary  subway tile.

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