New Sliced Pebble Tile

There are 5 new types of sliced pebble tile just released by Design for Less  and the colors look hot. Two of the new river rock tiles are cut pebble versions of super popular Spring Rain Pebble Tile and White Rapids Pebble Tile. Both of these styles of stone are very unique and specific to just a few islands of Indonesia so it is fortunate that there is enough supply to be able to manufacture a quality version of this tile.

White Cut Pebble Tile

New White Sliced Pebble Tile

Different than most of the online retailers, Design for Less has done a superb job in maintaining the integrity of the pebble floor premise when making their sliced mosaics. Instead of odd oblong pieces that lack symmetry and have very large prominent spaces of grout gaps in the tiles, the new series are smaller and tighter pebbles that create a very uniform surface. Which is great because  everybody does not necessarily like the natural feel of pebble tile and some worry about discomfort underfoot.  Sadly, with some of the lower end materials now flooding the market this can be a reality. Fortunately the quality at Design For Less is what sets them apart and why they have been so instrumental in large commercial,  restaurant and hotel projects around the globe.

For what it is worth the key to the cut pebble tile, if it is fashioned correctly like the original Balinese style ( no weird fish looking pieces), is that the installations do look phenomenal and they do eliminate some installation concerns about handicap access. Not that there is any substance to ADA concerns but for commercial work sometimes less questions means faster job completion. Also for shower pans if the shower pan float is not adequately pitched then sliced tiles are a good alternative or even the right option. And same as the original series, the slip coefficient or slip resistance is fantastic so it is the ideal flooring for seniors who are trying to avoid slippery surfaces and uneven surfaces.

Also new on the sliced tile front are two new rounded pebble tile. these are essentially a manufacture series of true circles fashioned out of the same stones as the pebbles but from large aggregate. Very striking and really stunning installations are the norm with these tiles ( some nice install pictures from a new project soon).

Round Grey Marble Pebble Tile

There is definitely a plethora of choice. Some good, some not so good. So choose wisely and if you need help managing the choice, pairing materials and making your design look fabulous, give us a ring or shoot us an email. After all it is your home, so lets do it right.

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