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Glass Subway Tile Brightens a Bathroom

Monday, April 15th, 2013

One of the most important rooms in your house is your master bath. You start your day here and you end it here.   So when it comes to deploying your hard earned dollars on giving your bath an update, spend wisely and the investment will pay off handsomely both emotionally and financially if you go to sell your home later on or if it is a rental property.

So first, don’t be afraid of being a little masculine. It is actually more soothing. Second, is if it doesn’t have a ton of natural light ( most don’t) use a glass subway tile in your bathroom to brighten it up.  This versatile product is one of the most popular bathroom products. Subway Glass tile has been used in bathrooms in many ways and the reason it is so popular is it has a reflective component giving it a ton of dimension.

One popular way to use subway tile in a bathroom is in the shower, on the walls, as a backsplash for counters, and even behind and around the toilet.  There are two popular types of  Subway tile that are typically used in the bathroom, glass and ceramic.  While glass is more modern and reflects the colors around it, ceramic is more classic and generally cheaper as well but also prone to scratching and frankly can look cheap so be careful or you could spend a chunk of money on an install that looks like a track home.   Still both are great options for a bathroom and if you are clever and on a budget, you can dress up a basic ceramic subways with glass eye liners and backsplashes.

The Glass Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash:

Our most popular Subway tile for bathrooms  is our glass ubway tile.  It is a huge trend in bathrooms and looks amazing in almost any space. Our most popular colors for glass subway tile in bathrooms are Blanco ( a true bright white),  Sage Green ( like the images above), and  Ocean Gray.  Glass subway tiles are great for bathrooms because they reflects the light and surrounding colors so it will brighten up and modernize any bathroom space. A subway glass tile bathroom backsplash will brighten up your sink and bring a modern feel to any bathroom. Subway tile bathroom tiles can be used to cozy up a bathroom by using warmer colors like our champagne toast with its warm earthy tones.  If you like a beachy feel effect use something like sage green or ocean gray which are very harmonious with ocean pallets.

Ceramic subway tile  is in many ways truly passe yet was very popular in the 20’s.  Its appeal is it is cheap and so people who restore homes love to use ceramic tile to restore bathrooms. If you are going that route  use a big box store as they have the lowest prices. Quality is an issue so buyer beware when you choose it for use as a primary  subway tile.

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Hawaian Designer Styles for Less

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Interior designer Chuen Yee uses surplus materials, online bargains outlets like and big-box fixtures to accomplish a million-dollar makeover on a St. Louis Heights home.

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jan 28, 2013

Interior walls and flat ceilings were removed during the remodeling of this St. Louis Heights home, creating a sense of spaciousness inside while also inviting visitors to look out and enjoy the panoramic view of downtown Honolulu.

The rectangular shape of the kitchen cabinets and countertops is accentuated by tile backsplash that designer Chuen Yee found online at
The spacious master bathroom has hotel-standard accents, including an electronic window shade that lets you enjoy the view while bathing.
A bioethanol-fueled fireplace adds color and liveliness to the television nook, but doesn’t bake the screen.

The original structure had dark, small rooms that didn’t take advantage of the view.
Bargain shopping makes a luxurious home makeover more affordable.

Interior designer Chuen Yee and her client knew they had hit the jackpot when they came across a fixer-upper in St. Louis Heights.

The dilapidated, 1950s-era house opened out into a “million-dollar view” of downtown Hono­lulu and the ocean, said Yee, of MCYIA Interior Architecture and Design.

“Before he bought it he brought me here, and I was like, Oh, you have to get this.’ I saw the view and thought it had potential,” she said.

The house itself wasn’t much to speak of. Built on a steep slope, it had the typical-for-the-times flat ceiling and tiny, closed-off spaces for the kitchen and two bedrooms. The house stood on high stilts, with dirt underneath visible through a few slats, but there was no deck. Small windows were poorly positioned, in some cases providing a view “to nowhere,” Yee said. “It didn’t take advantage of any views.”

In what she called a “Tropical Modern Metamorphosis,” Yee transformed the house to take full advantage of the panorama and create a space suitable for entertaining, which were the prime objectives of her client. The house won an award in 2012 from the local chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

The total budget for the project was $325,000, but about $200,000 of that went for a major reconstruction project that involved removing interior walls and ceilings, adding structural elements to hold up the roof, building a master bedroom suite on the ground floor and constructing a lanai that towers over the backyard and makes the view feel even more commanding than it really is.

Yee’s client, an executive at Aulani, a Disney Resort Spa in Ko Olina, wanted a home of similar luxury standards but with a less extravagant budget. Yee was able to accomplish this by mixing and matching surplus material and searching the Internet for special deals, often finding odds and ends that went with custom features.

Yee, in a statement about her approach to the project, said she employed “a monochromatic palette of industrial and organic elements” to create “a balance of yin-yang with a masculine, clean-lined look.”

The cabinetry, for example, is oak stained a dark brown, with custom features such as small niches for flower vases or other knickknacks, and a special drawer for cellphones. That makes them “more like furniture than cabinets,” said Yee, a native of Thailand who specialized in interior design for the hospitality industry before turning to private residences.

Countertops throughout the home are white Caesarstone, a manufactured quartz product known for the purity of its color. While the owner negotiated a deal on the materials and the workmanship for the kitchen, Yee went on the Internet to find material for a suitable backsplash. She found tile patterned in brown, gray and white rectangles, which matched the color and shape of the counter and cabinets from Design For Less.

The bathrooms also feature Caesarstone counters, but those were made of remnants bought at a discount from local stone suppliers. Having the remnants installed in an unusual pattern added a unique touch of luxury, she said. The bathrooms are also tiled in the brown-and-white rectangular pattern, which Yee also found online.

“It’s cheaper on the Internet than here by sometimes half,” said Yee, who recommended Amazon and for specialty tile, for lighting fixtures and and for accessories and furniture. (Be sure to check shipping costs, she said.)

For many other items, such as doors, faucets and light fixtures, big-box hardware stores were adequate, she said. On the ocean side of the house, for example, the owner originally wanted NanaWall folding glass windows that would have created a view unobstructed by posts or frames. Those would have cost up to $30,000.

“That ate too much of the budget, so this is all from Home Depot,” Yee said, motioning to more traditional sliding doors that cost a few hundred dollars each.

The dark flooring is solid wire-brushed and hand-scraped bamboo, which is inexpensive and sustainable yet also adds a touch of natural elegance to the open living room and kitchen, which during the day is filled with light. At night an open fireplace produces a warm ambience ” but it runs on bioethanol and produces no waste and so little heat that it doesn’t affect the flat-screen television mounted on the wall behind it.

Yee’s husband, Michael, an engineer who helped out with some of the structural details of the project, said the renovation shows what can be done with an older home and a bit of savvy from the owner and the designer.

“Ordinarily, a person would come to look at this, and wanting a semi luxurious house, they probably would have torn it down and started anew,he said. “This is really an ingenious way to  have that million-dollar look without spending a million dollars.”

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Have you seen the Melange Vertical Glass Yet?

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Its stunning!!

See all the colors here.

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The Montage Series

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We have more new glass tiles at Design For Less,  which is always exciting!  This time we have added the stunning and economical Montage Series.  They are similar to our Aventuri glass tile collection but with much more tonal variation and ton of new color options.

A great little fact about the Montage glass tiles is that each sheet is a bit over one square foot.  So while you are paying a square foot price you are actually getting more tile than you are paying for.  Also each tile is made with 100% recycled content so you can feel good about your tile choice.  You are getting a green tile without the high price.  How’s that for a deal?

One of my favorites is Summer which would look great with our Ocean Grey 3×6 Subway as a beautiful bathroom tile design.  And the Summer glass tile is only $8.00/piece…

Another great pick is the Sahara from the Montage Series.  A great combination of tan and beige tones it goes great with our Java pebble tile.  This would be great in a bathroom design as well or even better as a kitchen tile.

Sahara Glass Tile and Java Pebble Tile

The options are endless!  Check out the Montage Series and see what else you could match it with!

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Irridium Glass Tiles

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

The Irridium Glass Tiles are on sale for $10.00 a square foot with free shipping.  Typically $15.00 a square foot you are getting a 35% discount!  Check out a couple of our design ideas for the Irridium Glass Tile Collection.

Irridium 1x1 Design Ideas

Irridium 1x1 Design Ideas

Irridium 1x4 Design Ideas

Irridium 1x4 Design Ideas

Here the  Irridium glass tiles have been matched with Limestone Olive Porcelain Tile.  To see what these tiles could add to your project you can order a sample below.

(The link to order a sample is in the bottom right hand corner of the product pages.)

Irridium 1×1 Glass Tile

Irridium 1×4 Glass Tile

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Looking for a twist on Subway Tile?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Try installing it vertically.  Seen here with the Blanco 3×6 glass tile.

Blanco Subway Tile Kitchen Installation

Blanco Subway Tile Kitchen Installation

Blanco Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Blanco Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Another vertical option.  Stainless Steel 1×2.

Stainless Steel 1x2 Wall Tile Installation

Stainless Steel 1x2 Wall Tile Installation

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Waterfall Glass Tile Installation

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Recently Cricket Wireless used the Waterfall glass tiles for the public washrooms of the Cricket Communications building in San Diego.  Here are some images from the project.

Bathroom tile-waterfall glass tile - porcelain tile

Waterfall Glass Tile + Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

Waterfall glass tile is great for bathroom design.  The colors are soothing and the copper flecking adds just the right amount of visual interest.

bathroom ideas-waterfall glass tile - cricket communications

Wall Detail - Waterfall Glass Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

bathroom ideas-porcelain tile-kaiser permanate

Hallway - Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

Same as the idea behind our Concept Boards their design team paired the waterfall glass tile with a porcelain tile.  Porcelain is commonly used for commercial installations because it is extremely durable and low maintenance.  Lately porcelain tile has become popular in residential installations for these same reasons.  No sealing, easy maintenance, and long lasting.

bathroom ideas-porcelain tile-kaiser permanente
Hallway – Porcelain Tile – Cricket Communications San Diego
bathroom ideas-porcelain tile

Wall Detail - Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

The linear tiles give the wall a sharp and contemporary look while lengthening the room.  Here they used a grout lighter than the tile.  To create a more seamless look you would just need to use a grout closer to the color of the tile.

bathroom tile-waterfall glass tile - cricket communications

Waterfall Glass Tile + Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

Want to get this look?

Visit the Waterfall page here.

Visit the Block Wenge page here.

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Amazing Kitchen Transformation!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

While browsing on Garden Web’s website I came across a conversation about finding the whitest glass tiles possible.  And it happened that they were talking about The Glass Mosaic Outlet’s Blanco 3×6 Subway tile!  Further down were these amazing pictures of Dwight’s kitchen backsplash installation where the Blanco 3×6 subway tile had been used.

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

All images can be clicked for larger versions.

I was so impressed with the look of the kitchen design that I had to contact Dwight about the photos.  He was just as excited and sent me a bunch of his before and after images.  My favorite part is seeing the before pictures.  Here is what their kitchen design looked like before the transformation.

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Design - Before

Keeping with the subway tile shape they combined the Blanco 3×6 with the Stainless Steel 1×2 tiles to create the final striking kitchen design.

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Design Backsplash

Both the Subway tiles and the Stainless Steel tiles have recycled content, in fact the Stainless Steel is 100% recycled tile.  So if you are looking for green materials they are a great choice.

*We actually had a manufacturing mistake with the Stainless Steel 1×2 and ended up with Stainless 1×2 but in a vertical pattern rather than staggered.  We are having a blow out sale on these if you would like to replicate this look at a discounted price.  Just give us a call 1.888.848.4537

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Design Flooring

I am not sure what they used on the floors for this installation but we have a similar porcelain floor tile that would look just as great.  Ferroker Alumino is a 17×26 porcelain tile that has been used in countless installations both commercial and residential.

Porcelain Tile

While Alumino is the most popular of the colors there are also 3 other colors in the collection which you can see here Porcelain Tiles.

Thank you Dwight for sharing your pictures with us!

This is what Dwight had to say about his Design For Less Experience “…we are very happy with the quality of the tiles, as well as the pricing we received from The Glass Mosaic Outlet.  We have had several guests comment on our backsplash and I have even loaned out a couple of our extra pieces for our friends to look at in their own house.  Too bad you don’t have a referral program; I might be able to quit my day job (JK).”

We are working on a referral program because we know you guys are out there spreading the word about Design For Less and we really appreciate it!  For now just remember that any tile installation pictures we receive from you automatically gets you a 5% discount on your next order.  You can email them here

You can see many more inspirational kitchen designs on our Gallery page.

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