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Photo Contest Winners!

Monday, July 12th, 2010

And the winners are…
Thank you to everyone who entered the Installation Photo Contest.  We saw some amazing entries that made us wish our kitchens and bathrooms looked that stylish!  Check out the winners below.

First Place
Cindy and Jess provided us with a number of gorgeous pictures of their Otago Black kitchen backsplash.  As well as an album documenting their DIY installation.   They took first place not only because of their stunning kitchen backsplash but because we loved seeing the project from start to finish.  And they did it all themselves.  Impressive!  Check back soon when we feature their installation process in its own blog post.  Thanks Cindy and Jess!

Otago Black Kitchen Backsplash

Otago Black Kitchen Backsplash

Otago Black Kitchen Backsplash

Otago Black Kitchen Backsplash

Second Place

Judy won second place with her cool and urban glass backsplash.  The Caymen is one of our newer glass tiles and we have been anxiously awaiting someone to send us pictures of it installed.  It looks just as striking and contemporary as we thought.  Great job Judy!

Caymen Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Caymen Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Third Place

Nancy won third place for her installation using Otago Black and Soho.  We loved how she got creative and mixed the two materials together to give the installation some visual interest.  What a stunning feature wall!

Otago Black Feature Wall and Soho Fireplace

Otago Black Feature Wall and Soho Fireplace

Soho Fireplace Feature

Soho Fireplace Feature

Big thanks to all our inspirational winners!  Most of them are already picking out their next tile with their winnings!  Good luck with your projects, we cannot wait to see those as well!

Remember the contest will run quarterly, so if you did not get your pictures in this time you can still send them to be entered in the next one.  Just email them to

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Grout Color – Oyster Gray from Custom Building Products

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Customers are always asking us what color grout to use with our various products.  While grout color is subject to personal taste and depends on your particular installation there is one grout color that has really stood out as a great option for quite a few of our tiles.

Oyster Gray is a versatile grout color from Custom Building Products.  To create a seamless look in our showroom Oyster Gray was chosen for its ability to blend with the tiles for a clean modern look.

Oyster Grey Grout
Oyster Grey Grout Custom Building Products

Here it is used with the Pacifica, Ocean Mix, and Ferroker Alumino (from top to bottom).  It also works well with the Sage Green.

Do you have a great grout color/tile combination?  Please share!  We would love to know what it is!

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Standing Vivid Black Pebble Tile

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Check out these great installation pictures of the Standing Vivid Black Pebble Tile.

Standing Vivid Black Pebble Tile Wall

Standing Vivid Black Pebble Tile Wall

Standing Vivid Black Pebble Tile Wall Close Up

Standing Vivid Black Pebble Tile Wall Close Up

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Waterfall Glass Tile Installation

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Recently Cricket Wireless used the Waterfall glass tiles for the public washrooms of the Cricket Communications building in San Diego.  Here are some images from the project.

Bathroom tile-waterfall glass tile - porcelain tile

Waterfall Glass Tile + Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

Waterfall glass tile is great for bathroom design.  The colors are soothing and the copper flecking adds just the right amount of visual interest.

bathroom ideas-waterfall glass tile - cricket communications

Wall Detail - Waterfall Glass Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

bathroom ideas-porcelain tile-kaiser permanate

Hallway - Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

Same as the idea behind our Concept Boards their design team paired the waterfall glass tile with a porcelain tile.  Porcelain is commonly used for commercial installations because it is extremely durable and low maintenance.  Lately porcelain tile has become popular in residential installations for these same reasons.  No sealing, easy maintenance, and long lasting.

bathroom ideas-porcelain tile-kaiser permanente
Hallway – Porcelain Tile – Cricket Communications San Diego
bathroom ideas-porcelain tile

Wall Detail - Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

The linear tiles give the wall a sharp and contemporary look while lengthening the room.  Here they used a grout lighter than the tile.  To create a more seamless look you would just need to use a grout closer to the color of the tile.

bathroom tile-waterfall glass tile - cricket communications

Waterfall Glass Tile + Porcelain Tile - Cricket Communications San Diego

Want to get this look?

Visit the Waterfall page here.

Visit the Block Wenge page here.

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Amazing Kitchen Transformation!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

While browsing on Garden Web’s website I came across a conversation about finding the whitest glass tiles possible.  And it happened that they were talking about The Glass Mosaic Outlet’s Blanco 3×6 Subway tile!  Further down were these amazing pictures of Dwight’s kitchen backsplash installation where the Blanco 3×6 subway tile had been used.

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

All images can be clicked for larger versions.

I was so impressed with the look of the kitchen design that I had to contact Dwight about the photos.  He was just as excited and sent me a bunch of his before and after images.  My favorite part is seeing the before pictures.  Here is what their kitchen design looked like before the transformation.

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Design - Before

Keeping with the subway tile shape they combined the Blanco 3×6 with the Stainless Steel 1×2 tiles to create the final striking kitchen design.

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Design Backsplash

Both the Subway tiles and the Stainless Steel tiles have recycled content, in fact the Stainless Steel is 100% recycled tile.  So if you are looking for green materials they are a great choice.

*We actually had a manufacturing mistake with the Stainless Steel 1×2 and ended up with Stainless 1×2 but in a vertical pattern rather than staggered.  We are having a blow out sale on these if you would like to replicate this look at a discounted price.  Just give us a call 1.888.848.4537

Blanco 3x6 Subway Tile Kitchen Design Flooring

I am not sure what they used on the floors for this installation but we have a similar porcelain floor tile that would look just as great.  Ferroker Alumino is a 17×26 porcelain tile that has been used in countless installations both commercial and residential.

Porcelain Tile

While Alumino is the most popular of the colors there are also 3 other colors in the collection which you can see here Porcelain Tiles.

Thank you Dwight for sharing your pictures with us!

This is what Dwight had to say about his Design For Less Experience “…we are very happy with the quality of the tiles, as well as the pricing we received from The Glass Mosaic Outlet.  We have had several guests comment on our backsplash and I have even loaned out a couple of our extra pieces for our friends to look at in their own house.  Too bad you don’t have a referral program; I might be able to quit my day job (JK).”

We are working on a referral program because we know you guys are out there spreading the word about Design For Less and we really appreciate it!  For now just remember that any tile installation pictures we receive from you automatically gets you a 5% discount on your next order.  You can email them here

You can see many more inspirational kitchen designs on our Gallery page.

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