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Coconut Tile

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Coconut tile is modern interiors gone tropical, made from reclaimed coconut shells, low-VOC resins and sustainably harvested wood backer, coconut shell is a naturally anti- decomposition material containing natural resin. Coconut mosaic tile are handmade to high standard by skillful craftsmanship. It has excellent performance, durability and versatility. our newest family of eco-friendly design materials can be used as decorative tiles or panels both horizontally and vertically. Featuring multiple patterns and color combinations and available in light, dark and mixed textures.

Coco mosaic tiles are hand made using coconut shell which is an unutilized industry by product and requires no trees to be cut down, ensuring you are not contributing to the destruction of forests around the world.

This is a new generation of Architectural surface material. The innovation of this beautiful material combines the best of modern technology and nature, giving an opportunity to make a quality sustainable choice that has an E ZERO formaldehyde emissions rating.

Coco mosaic panels are beautiful, extremely durable and strong. So the applications are numerous, even in the most demanding of environments.

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New Coconut Tiles at Great Prices!

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Remember the flooring show post about 10 days ago?  Well if you did not catch it we mentioned a pretty amazing event that brings thousands of manufacturer’s from across the globe to Las Vegas for about a week.  It is a great opportunity to see what’s new and looks to be hot but it takes a lot of time and patience.  The show is two floors that are tens of thousands of square feet.  The top is your big boys from Spain and Italy and the exhibits are fabulous and all the representatives are quite styled up and even have models to play the Vana White role.

But truthfully, the bulk of them are pretty stuck up and won’t give you the time of day.  But you suck it up and make sure you see what they are producing so you have a pulse on the hot new, kitchen tile, bathroom tile, wall tile, porcelain tile or glass tiles.  Where the hard part comes in is downstairs.  This is where all the mid and bottom tier players congregate and the new manufactures.  There are 5 times as many producers because their booths are smaller and they bring limited product to display.

It takes days to ferret thru these guys but this is where the real jewels are and this year, we scored a beauty.  In this one little nook way to the back was a producer of beautiful Indonesian furniture.  This little manufacturer decided to start creating some great new styles of the Coconut Tiles we already have available and these stunning Teak Mosaic Tiles. They produce them from all the material waste from manufacturing chairs, stools, sofas, tables and the like.  What a great idea, keep it clean and green and make something totally new and just unbelievable unique, contemporary and yet very tropical and rustic.

So for our Coconut Tiles, we already have a few new times loaded up and ready for your review so check them out here.  You can read all about why they are a green product and how they are manufactured here Green Tile Choices from Design For Less.

Still to come are an amazing Bark Mosaic Tile (so WOW!) and some very cool inverted renditions of the coconut shells. As for the Teak mosaic tiles, we have one new item you can peak at and there are two more styles. The price points on these are much better than anything we have ever encountered and since they are so easy to install (you just thin-set the panels – no grouting necessary so any Do-it-Yourself can create a stunning feature wall) we think these will be a hot new trend.

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