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Bond Street Social!

Friday, November 18th, 2011

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a well know restauranteur from Baltimore, MD. He was working on a new restaurant / bar called Bond Street Social and was interested in some of our materials. The overall feeling they wanted to achieve in the space was a warm, contemporary industrial vibe. By combining natural elements such as wood, rich leathers, natural stones, stainless, ceramic and glass mosaics, they achieved a perfect balance of earthy & sleek. Bond Street Social specializes in “high end comfort food” and specialty 80 ounce infusion jars. Served in a glass jar on a wooden stand, the cocktails are a unique blend of infused fruits and liquors. Bond Street Social combines an original, upscale dining experience with a hip, lively social scene. With cozy fireplaces throughout the lounge and such a cool atmosphere, who wouldn’t want to “socialize” here? Thank you Bond Street Social for letting us be part of this cool project! Here are some images of the space:

PS: How cool are the Natural Stone walls with the wire retainers? LOVE!

Bond Street Social

Bond Street Social

Bond Street Social

Bond Street Social

Bond Street Social

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Recycled Leather For Your Floors by Ana Morales

Friday, January 14th, 2011

While it is unusual to conceive of leather for flooring, recycled leather tiles are gaining popularity in the interior design world. The look and feel of a recycled leather floor is remarkable, and it adds a unique touch of luxury to any environment. There is extensive options in regards to colors, textures, and finishes to suit your particular installation. In a home you can use recycled leather in closets, powder rooms, offices, theaters, bedrooms, dining rooms, ceilings, kitchens, backsplashes and even stair cases!

Those of you with an environmental conscience will appreciate the fact that recycled leather tile is LEED certified. It is made by collecting real leather scraps from furniture, shoe, car and other factories. It’s not only cool looking, but it’s great for the environment as well. One great advantage of using recycled leather tile is that it is easy to install. Leather tiles come with a pre – glued backing. The pre- glued backing allows the tiles to install directly over drywall, primed concrete, or plywood with no further adhesive application. You simply remove the liner and apply the tiles directly to the surface. Installation is hassle-free and completed in minutes.

Leather Floors will wear in a manner similar to a linoleum floor and have indentations comparable to that of a high quality cork floor. These tiles are practical and made with the user in mind while being of uncompromising beauty and texture.  Leather floors over time will develop a rich patina. Their look will improve with age –in a manner similar to the patina developed by a leather sofa. Leather floors will take on the characteristics of their environment, creating a truly unique and personal floor. The care required for a leather floor is similar to what you need to do for a wood floor. Normal maintenance includes, vacuuming with a soft brush, damp mopping with a very well wrung out mop.

Recycled leather tile is attractive, unique and durable, it is an excellent choice for flooring that will add to the value to your home. The look and feel of a leather floor is remarkable…Try it for yourself!

Nocturno Croc Leather Tile

Nocturno Croc Leather Tile

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Recycled Leather Tiles

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Who would have thought?  Leather on the walls and even leather on the floor?!  We like to keep you updated on all the new and unique tile options out there and the recycled leather tiles are at the top of that list.  Eco-friendly and luxurious they are a great option to make your design project stand out.

Leather Flooring Installation

Leather Flooring Installation in Honey

All Design for Less recycled leather tiles come with a pre-glued backing.  Just like sticking a stamp on a letter the sticky backing allows you to easily place the tiles on your wall or floor.  When we installed a leather wall in our offices our contractor said and I quote, “These tiles are going to put me out of business”.  He knows we are more loyal than that!  But basically you can have a 70 square foot wall up in 2 hours.  Which if you are doing it yourself is easier on you and your back.  And if you are having an installer do it, it is much easier on your wallet.

How are leather tiles a green product?
Living green and using Eco products is about making choices.  And it should be about choices that are easy on your mind and your eyes.  The leather tiles are manufactured with a commitment to “high design, highly ecological and renewable products”.

Post-Industrial Recycled Leather (65%)
Renewable natural rubber
Natural fillers and binding agents
Excellent Air Quality
Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
Certified “none detected”-ISO 14814-Wather Method
Low Volatile Organic Compound Adhesive Option for installation
Cordova Leather Wall Tiles use Greenguard® certified leather

Leed Credits
Materials and Resources – Credits 4.1/ 4.2 Recycled (Recycled Content)
Indoor Environmental Quality – Credits 4.1 / 4.3 (Low emission adhesives and materials – Recycled)
Rapidly Renewable Re-sourse Material – Credits 6 (Rapidly renewable construction material)
Innovation and Design – Possibly a special credit given for use of innovative material.

What sizes are available?
We carry the standard 12×12 and 18×18.  If you are looking for another size please do not hesitate to contact us because there are other sizes available for special order 1-888-848-4537.

Leather Flooring Sizes

Where can I use leather tiles?
You can use leather tiles in closets, powder rooms, home offices, home theaters, bed rooms, dining rooms or where ever your creative mind takes you.  They stand up to light commercial and residential wear.  High moisture areas like bathrooms are not recommend.

Leather Tile Nocturno Crocodile Installation

Office Installation in Nocturno Crocodile Leather Tile

Leather Floor Installation in Chocolate

Leather Floor Installation in Chocolate

How will a leather floor wear?
The Recycled Leather Floors will wear in a manner similar to a linoleum floor and have indentations comparable to that of a high quality cork floor.

The care required for a leather floor is similar to what you need to do for a wood floor.  Normal maintenance includes, vacuuming with a soft brush, damp mopping with a very well wrung out mop. We recommend using Carnauba-based wax.

- Never place a rubber backed or non-ventilated rug or mats on top of tiles
- Wax floor tiles as needed
- Wipe up spills immediately with damp (not wet) mop or cloth
- Recycled Leather walls don’t require special maintenance once properly installed.

Starbucks Leather Tile Installation

Starbucks Installation in Custom Color Leather Tile

How is Recycled Leather produced?
The leather tiles are recycled just like paper – it’s pulped and bonded again together.
Step One – Real leather scraps are collected from furniture, shoes, and other factories.
Step Two – Stones grinds the leather to shreds. This process is similar to what tree fibers go through for paper-making
Step Three – The leather pieces and water are mixed with natural binding material and other ingredients. The majority of the binding product includes natural rubber and acacia wood bark. Acacia wood bark has natural binding properties. The Acacia tree is rapidly renewable specie. Rubber is tapped from rubber trees, in a process akin to maple-sap.

View all our colors here

If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at 1-888-848-4537.

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