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All About Pebble Tile Floors

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Ever wonder what tile would look great on your floor?  Picking a tile for a floor can be a time consuming task.  What color to choose? What type of tile?  What size?  All of these decisions can be overwhelming.  Well let’s stop to look at an option that you may not have thought of yet, a pebble tile floor.

Pebble tile is a natural product so it works great on floors.  Many people use it in bathrooms or kitchens, although it can be used in just about any room in the house.  Many people love to install pebble tile outside the home as well.  A pebble tile floor is durable, easy to keep clean, and gives a natural look to a room or space.  What types of pebble tile can be used on a floor?

The majority of people will tell you that any type of pebble tile you choose will be great on a floor.  However there are a few preferences to consider when choosing a pebble tile floor.  The first to consider is the feel of the flooring.  Many people love traditional (natural or glazed) pebble tile because they like the feel of it beneath their feet.  Like a ‘massage’ on your feet some have said.  Check out this pebble tile floor using our traditional pebble tiles:

Polished White Pebble Tile Flooring

We often get asked the question “Is this comfortable to walk on”  While we think the answer is yes, there are some who prefer a more flat feel on their feet.  For those customers, we recommend sliced pebble tile like the ones shown here:

Sliced Green Pebble Tile Profile

Many people also want to consider the look of the pebble tile they will install on the floor.  This is why we offer glazed and natural products.  After you install your pebble tile floor, whether you choose glazed or natural you will need to seal it to keep it looking great.  This will enhance the look of your pebble tile floor and keep it looking great for years to come.

Pebble tile is such a great option for so many projects but one of our favorites has to be the pebble tile floor.  It not only looks and feels amazing but it is eco friendly, easy to install, easy to care for, and super durable.  You just can’t go wrong when you choose to install a pebble tile floor!

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Bathroom Pebble Floor Tiles

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Bathroom pebble floor tiles are so popular these days.  There are so many ways to use them.  Some people will tile their entire bathroom floor with it while others will put it under a tub or on a shower floor.  There are a few types of bathroom pebble stone tile.  For some the right choice for their project is traditional pebble bathroom floor tile like these:

White Pebble Tile Bathroom Flooring
This pebble bathroom floor has a natural look and is like walking on the beach but in your bathroom.  Some people prefer a more flat look for their pebble stone bathroom tile so they opt for a sliced tile like this:

Sliced Tan and White Pebble Tile

While this look is a very popular pebble bathroom floor tile, there is yet another choice.  Stone mosaic is also a flat option for those looking for bathroom pebble stone tiles.  These mosaic stone tiles install the same but have a very unique look to them.
Glazed Bali Black Mosaic Tile

When choosing a pebble floor for your bathroom you can choose either glazed, polished, or a natural finished to your stone.  You will want to seal any finish you go with off to get a long lasting bathroom pebble stone tile that will keep nicely for years to come.

Some tips when looking at pebble bathroom floor tiles?  First tip is get a sample!  Compare them to each other, put them in the space, and walk on them.  This helps not only with choosing the right color but also the type of bathroom pebble stone tile (sliced, natural, or mosaic)  The nice thing about pebble tile is it looks great in almost any environment and since it is natural looking it matches all colors and shades of furniture or wall colors.  It is really an easy choice when looking for tile, pebble bathroom floor tiles are the way to go!

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Pebble Tile Flooring

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

A house needs to be aesthetically pleasing on the inside and out. From the ornaments, to the walls, ceilings and floors, every part of your living place should complement each other and be as comfortable and attractive as possible. Houses that have floors that are in good condition are visually pleasing and invite a feeling of calm regardless how few other decorative elements are within the room. Floors that are poorly kept, full of stains, and are chipped make rooms look unsightly despite how grand the theme of your house is.

Ceramic tiling is a popular option if you are planning to remodel your floor. They are easy to clean and come in a huge selection of patterns and colors. However, they are quite fragile and become slippery when wet, thereby increasing the chance of accidents taking place. They are also very common and so can give your house that Track Home feel. If you are going to go in that direction, there are some very unique and more durable versions of ceramic, porcelain tiles. These are much more distinctive and durable and as such a more viable option.

Another option you might have in mind is to use hardwood tiling materials. Because of its naturally beautiful finish and timeless look, a lot of homeowners are using this type of tile. On the downside, hardwood floors are subject to fading, do not hold moisture, and can easily be scratched. If you have pets, it isn’t advisable to use this kind of tile. Ask anyone who has  kids or pets who has had hardwood ( typically engineered) for any time and they will express regret.

There is no truly indestructible tile, even natural stone; so it is up to you to decide what type of tile fits your needs. You must always keep in mind that for every condition, there is a different type of tile that is suitable for the job. Nonetheless, there is one type of tile that has the qualities of durability, versatility, and style in one.

Pebble tiles have long been used as floor tiling since the time of the ancient Greeks. They are so durable that even under extreme duress they survive. In fact there are ruins of homes with pebble floors  which still stand today. The ease in pebble tile installation is also worth appreciating since a homeowner does not need professional skills and expensive materials. In fact, it is up to the homeowner”s imagination on how he would like to install them. Most of all, the greatest quality it possesses is the comfort it gives to the person walking barefoot on it. Unlike ceramic glazed tiles and hardwood, the pebble tiles mimic a light foot massage with its natural texture. With or without grout, pebbles are properly sorted so that homeowners are assured that the thickness is consistent enough to create a level surface. It”s as if you”re getting a free spa treatment just by walking across the room.

Java pebble tile shower-Design-4-Less

Java Pebble Tile Shower Spa

As much as spas are concerned, pebble tile floors create a relaxing, tropical hotel appeal, once they are installed. The islands of Indonesia, where the largest supply of river pebble stones come from, benefit from the export of world-class pebble stone tiles. However, some people think that environmental destruction is an issue to be concerned with. This is definitely not true. More legal jobs are actually created and the stones are collected from shallow bedrock in the mountains so there is no negative environmental effects.

So if you are looking for a very durable and unique flooring material that will also enhance the interior design of your home then consider pebble tile.

Amber Pebble Tile Master Bath

Stunning master bath using Amber Pebble Tile

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Unique Bathroom Installation!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Check out this unique bathroom installation by our client David B! Such a creative combination of the Ocean Pebble Tile (shower pan), Standing Spring Rain (wall border) and the IPE Wood Deck Tile as the edging! By combining all of these natural elements David not only created a serene atmosphere but really proved that eco friendly does not = boring design. Using the larger rectangular ceramic in white on the walls gave the space a contemporary twist. The wood vanity with the copper sink is to die for! Great job David, we love your bathroom!

Unique Bathroom Installation

Unique Bathroom Installation

Unique Bathroom Installation!

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