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Ocean Mix Sliced Pebble Tile

Ocean Mix Sliced Pebble Tile is a clever blend of our green, white and a few tan pebble tile same as our Ocean pebble tile and made for pebble flooring and pebble floors. We slice the stones in half to open up another layer of rich color and to create a perfect flat surface. An amazing pebble tile style that is delicately cut across the grain to reveal the stones natural character and provide a nearly perfect uniform level. Our sliced Ocean Pebble tile is rich in warm tones with subtle variegation that brings additional uniqueness to this already distinctive finish. Ideal for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and backsplash tiles.

Each pebble tile is a standard tile thickness of 3/8 inches and set on a 12×12 interlocking mesh backing for easy installation. The minimum order is 11 sheets and after you reach the minimum you can order any amount you would like.
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Samples are recommended and credited towards purchase.

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Ocean  Mix Sliced Pebble Tile

SalePrice: $15.00

Normally $25.00 per Square Foot
Min of 11 Sq ft
1 Sq Ft = 1 Pebble Mosaic Sheet

SamplePrice: $9.99