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Pebble Floor Tiles

Our recommendation for the most even and comfortable pebble floors are the following selection of our most even pebble tiles and sliced pebble tile . If you want to create a pebble shower floor, a pebble bathroom floor or any pebble flooring and you are concerned about having a comfortable flat surface then these are the best selections to choose from.
Bali is where pebble tiles where first created for the modern home remodel and contemporary commercial design and have the best quality of consistency for symmetry , gauge of thickness and color uniformity.

These rustic, natural pebble floor tile are made from the unique river rocks mined from the ancient river beds of islands of Bali, Timor, Sumatra, Flores and more make for a stunning statement. Far more uniform in color, size or thickness than any other style of pebble tile, these tiles are the benchmark. Our 25 years of manufacturing pebble mesh mosaics and our family access to the finest of river stones makes us a leader in the field of pebble bathroom tiles.

We also have a unique sampling program that allows you to be reimbursed for samples. See for yourself the difference in quality.

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