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Pebble Tile Info

If you are contemplating doing a home remodel or maybe you are building a new home then there are a lot of considerations around finishes and flooring. One of those options is pebble tile for your bathroom flooring, a shower pan, feature wall, patio or enticing foyer entrance or perhaps as distinctive accents. However, for some individuals there is a concern that the river rock tiles are too modern or that they are not a timeless element which is quite ironic because pebble mosaics have a deep and vibrant old world history and origin.

The use of river rock tiles for creating flooring dates back to the ancient Greeks, in the city of Helike which disappeared into the sea in 376 BC. Today, in the now unearthed ruins, there are examples of ancient pebble floors.

Today you are more likely to find examples in modern architecture but examples new and old are scattered throughout the world. In fact the Balinese of Indonesia were the first to bring this very primitive yet beautiful and exotic form of tiling back into the mainstream. And although natural stone pebble tiles are just now coming more into vogue in the design and
building community, they have enjoyed a strong renaissance for years in Australia, Europe and especially Asia. Pebble flooring has been available in the USA now for about 20 years but they are not exactly mainstream. Their usage in home remodel and commercial building has been gaining recently thanks to its popularity on television with renovation and design shows and in DIY style print media. Some of the large chain stores offer mosaic pebble tiles but these tiles, due to mass manufacturing and low cost to market demands, lack the symmetry and artistry that the original pebble bathroom flooring manufacturers like Design For Less have provided for years. Local retailers are also starting to offer pebble back splash tile and flooring. Still many retailers, architects, designers, builders and consumers are confused about the product, its versatility and durability or where to access quality pebble tiling and where in design pebble stone tiles make sense.

Probably the best way to understand modern pebble tiles and where they are relevant in design and architectural specifications is to understand their origin. The concept of the current tile and were they first manufactured was in Bail, Indonesia . The Balinese are noted for their artistry and use of natural materials. In Bali, the people are born with art. From childhood on they are taught an instrument, dancing, painting and wood carving. An example of this would be a visit to the small hillside town Ubud in Bali which will reveal a stunning artistic enclave nestled in the terraced rice fields. This village typifies the artistic nature of the island residents and their creative talent. It is from this heritage of art that many unique and practical products are born.

With an abundance of pebbles found in the mountainous hillsides, the clever locals came up with a unique method of using this abundant resource to enhance the beauty of their homes, local restaurants and boutique stores. Rather than going through the laborious task of trying to hand set the pebbles into quick drying cement and risk the stones being set in semi cured adhesive or lacking symmetry, consistent thickness and color, they created a method for making a tile that could be easily installed on floors and walls. Tourist who travel the exotic islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, will see many of the local hotels, residences and commercial areas have utilized this attractive creation.That said quality has now become a huge issue and many vendors scramble to gain access to the market. So choose your manufacturer well and if you have question call the experts, Design-4-less.com at 1-888-848-4537.