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Sliced Pebble Tile

Sliced pebble tiles are an amazing style of perfectly flat pebble tile that are delicately cross cut across the grain to reveal the stones natural character and provide a uniform level surface. Our 21 styles of sliced pebble flooring are rich in warm tones with subtle variegation that brings additional uniqueness to this already distinctive finish. With our 25 years of creating gorgeous pebble tile and river rock tile for the hospitality and high end residential market, we have access to the very finest in pebble stones to insure superior quality.

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This is a quick look at a competitor's cheap pebble tile versus our Sliced Pebble Tile.

When it comes to creating a great river rock tile in a flat configuration, you need access the best stone aggregate available. Our distinct market advantage is our relationship with family owned mines. We have the opportunity to have the first occasion to sort through the loose pebbles for the quality stones to be used for our pebble tiling assemblies.

For our flat pebble tile, each is created from 100% natural pebbles from the unique islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. We then meticulously sorted them for color consistency, uniformity of size and the appropriate thickness. We then cut the stones to a perfect 3/8 thickness which is a standard tile thickness and compatible with almost all ceramic tile,porcelain tile and certain glass tile. The resulting pebbles are then hand set by local artisans into beautiful interlocking sliced and tumbled pebble tiles. One of our proprietary techniques is to use the same artisans for the same color of stones. This extra effort enables a higher grade of consistency in the the pebble mosaic from box to box and from year to year.

You don't have to be Bob Villa to install a gorgeous pebble floor. Follow these simple instruction for professional results.